mercredi 6 septembre 2017

Video Interview of Robert Pattinson with TchiTcha L'Hebdo Cinema (France)

Interview Vidéo de Robert Pattinson avec TchiTcha L'Hebdo Cinéma (France)

Interview faite lors de son passage à Deauville
The interview was recorded when Rob was in Deauville

Où sont passés vos cheveux? Rob: "Oh c'est pour le film de Claire Denis"
What happened to your hair? Rob: "oh it's like a thing for Claire Denis"

It is a really good program. I really enjoyed it. They say really great things about Rob, his choices and his career. Too bad it is not completely subtitled in english. I translated Claire Denis' quotes about Rob for you:

"Being able to experiment something he doesn't already know, I think it's something that really matters to him."

About Rob in Twilight: "I'm quite a teenager too you know ... because in Twilight, he makes me fall for him! My mother who is over 90 years old, is moved by Robert Pattinson."

About Cosmopolis and Cronenberg: "When he talks about it it's hilarious! He says 'oh, I don't know what I did, I think I fucked in a limo for a week!' He has a distance about himself, but I know he didn't get there by accident."

About Rob wanting to meet her: "One day the casting director told me 'Robert Pattinson would like to meet you'. I said, 'Hey, look... it's not possible!'"

About being a Dior muse: "I think he doesn't look like he is the face of Dior. He looks like a gorgeous young man, who has agreed to stop by two minutes for a picture. He has no silly smile, he has no knowing expression. Not at all. And I love it!"


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