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'Good Time': New Robert Pattinson's Interview with Télé Cable Sat from Cannes. Video + Print (France)

'Good Time': Nouvelle Interview de Robert Pattinson avec Télé Cable Sat lors de Cannes. Vidéo + Papier (France)

Update: Ajout de l'interview papier avec de nouvelles questions / Added print interview with new questions

Interview de Rob avec Télé Cable Sat dans le numéro du 9 au 15 Septembre
Rob's interview with Télé Cable Sat in Septembre 9 to 15 issue (French magazine)

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Translation after the cut

What about 'Good Time'?
I play a junkie who tries to free his brother from prison after a robbery that went wrong. The two directors, Benny & Josh Safdie, managed to make me go inside a prison because I wanted to see the conditions of incarceration. I went there looking like my character telling me that nobody would recognize me but the first inmate I met said: "Everybody knows who you are"! Me who thought no one would have seen Twilight in prison ...

Your next movie in theaters should be 'High Life' by claire Denis with Juliette Binoche ...
I have been fascinated by Claire Denis since I was very young. For me 'White Material' with Isabelle Huppert is her masterpiece. It's been years since I wanted to work with her. 'High Life' is a mysterious, magical story that takes place in space. A father and daughter are fighting to survive in a world of isolation.

Are there other French artists you would like to work with? 
I would like to work with Maïwenn. I saw her movie My King and I fell in love with this director. This is one of my favorite movies.

And among the actors, is there one that inspires you particularly?
Jack Nicholson! I discovered him when i was 13 years old, in
'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. His performance amazed me so much that I began to dress like him but also to copy his manners, his expressions. I would like to follow in his footsteps and have such an atypical career. 

Translation by Pattinson Art Work

Source / Thanks Julia!
Source scan: Thanks Posh via RPAU

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