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'Good Time': Video - Academy Conversations with Robert Pattinson (August 6)

'Good Time': Vidéo - Academy Conversations avec Robert Pattinson (6 Aout)

Voici enfin une vidéo du passage de Rob à l’Académie pour présenter 'Good Time' la semaine dernière.
Finally here is a video of Rob presenting and talking about 'Good Time' at the Academy last week.

Les photos avaient été postées ici
Pictures were posted here

Source / Via Robsessed

Great New Interview: Robert Pattinson Talks about 'Good Time', 'High Life', his Favorite Filmakers & Films with LA Times

Super Nouvelle New Interview: Robert Pattinson Parle de 'Good Time', 'High Life', de ses Cinéastes & Films Préférés avec LA Times

Nous apprenons que Rob débutera le tournage de 'High Life' ce dimanche!
We learn that Rob will start shooting 'High Life' on Sunday!

From LA Times:
Robert Pattinson, serious film buff, on loving Claire Denis, Jean-Luc Godard and other world cinema favorites

With the release of “The Lost City of Z” and “Good Time,” 2017 may well be remembered as the year Robert Pattinson officially became a critics’ darling.

Some might claim the shift began in 2012, when the British actor, still best known for setting hearts aflutter in the “Twilight” movies, drew raves for his change-of-pace performance in David Cronenberg’s art-house chiller “Cosmopolis.” Since then Pattinson has reteamed with Cronenberg on “Maps to the Stars,” done further career-redefining work in David Michôd’s dystopian thriller “The Rover,” and earned plaudits for his appearances in films including Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert” and Anton Corbijn’s “Life.”

But his versatility has never been on such dazzling display as it has this year, first with his shrewdly underplayed supporting role as the real-life Amazon explorer Henry Costin in James Gray’s “The Lost City of Z.” He followed that with his arrestingly deglamorized star turn as an amateur bank robber in Josh and Benny Safdie’s thriller “Good Time,” which opened in theaters Friday.

The steady accumulation of prestigious world-cinema names on Pattinson’s résumé represents the fulfillment of a dream that took root during his teenage years. Well before “Twilight” sent him into the celebrity stratosphere, Pattinson says, he was an obsessive film buff with a particular passion for French art cinema. Even critics who have been slow to appreciate the actor’s talent (guilty as charged) would likely approve of his taste, which has steered him toward favorites as different as Jean-Luc Godard, Leos Carax, Claire Denis and Herzog.

This month, Pattinson is headed to Poland to begin shooting the sci-fi adventure film “High Life,” the first English-language project directed by Denis, whose films he began watching avidly as a teenager. Pattinson’s other forthcoming projects include “Damsel,” a period western costarring Mia Wasikowska and directed by David and Nathan Zellner (“Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter”), and “The Souvenir,” a two-part romantic mystery from British director Joanna Hogg.

Have you always been an avid moviegoer?

I was into movies before I was even remotely into acting. I basically approached my career, at least for the first 10 years of it, trying to re-create my DVD shelf from when I was 17.

Tell me what was on that DVD shelf.

You could literally look at my IMDb page and see. James Gray was a massive one. Claire Denis. [Werner] Herzog. These are people I’ve just been crossing off the list. There was a lot of [Jean-Luc] Godard.

Robert Pattinson Features on the Golden Globes Instagram Page

Robert Pattinson Apparait sur la Page Instagram des Golden Globes

Sans se faire trop d'illusions concernant les prochaines nominations, ça fait plaisir de voir Rob sur le compte des Golden Globes, c'est déjà une forme de reconnaissance de son travail dans 'Good Time'.
Without having too many illusions about the next nominations, it's nice to see Rob on the Golden Globes account, it's already a form of recognition of his work in 'Good Time'.

Robert Pattinson est la star du film de Josh et Benny Safdie 'Good Time.' Un braqueur de banque se retrouve incapable d’échapper à ceux qui sont après lui lors d'une odyssée nocturne dans New York pour sortir son frère de garde à vue. (Photo: Theo Kingma)


Digital Scans of Robert Pattinson's Photoshoot & Interview in GQ Magazine + Untagged Photos + Video

Scans Digitaux du Photoshoot et de l'Interview de Robert Pattinson dans le Magazine GQ Magazine + Photos sans Tag + Vidéo


'Good Time': Josh & Benny Confirm an October 2017 Release of for 'Good Time' in UK

'Good Time': Josh & Benny Confirme une Sortie en Salle en Octobre 2017 pour 'Good Time' au Royaume Uni

On aimerait savoir si il y aura bientôt une date de sortie pour le Royaume Uni. Vous avez des nouvelles @JOSH_BENNY??


2 New Gorgeous Photos of Robert Pattinson from the Bowery Hotel Photoshoot by Dustin Cohen

2 Nouvelles Superbes Photos de Robert Pattinson lors du Photoshoot au Bowery Hotel par Dustin Cohen

Ces photos et cette lumière sont magnifiques!
These photos and the light are so beautiful!

lundi 14 août 2017

Video: "The unexpected career trajectory of Robert Pattinson after Twilight"

Vidéo: "La trajectoire inattendue de la carrière de Robert Pattinson après Twilight"

Le site Fandor a réalisé cette super vidéo sur les différents films et les meilleurs rôles de Rob depuis Twilight et on adore ce retour en arrière! Rob est absolument incroyable dans Cosmopolis, The Rover, The Lost City of Z et maintenant Good Time!
Fandor website made a great video about Rob's differents movies and best characters since Twilight and we love this flashback! Rob is absolutely amazing in Cosmopolis, The Rover, The Lost City of Z and now Good Time!


'Good Time': New Robert Pattinson's Interview with Huffington Post "I’m only looking for things that surprise me, really"

'Good Time': Nouvelle Interview de Robert Pattinson avec Huffington Post "Je ne recherche que des choses qui me surprennent vraiment"

From Huffington Post:
 Robert Pattinson Is Surprised To Learn You Still Like Him

The actor talks “Good Time,” his fame’s “hyper-saturation point” and a possible return to the “Twilight” movies.
Robert Pattinson, I’m sorry.
Outside the Bowery Hotel in downtown Manhattan, where I interviewed Pattinson on Thursday morning, a cabal of paparazzi clutched their cameras in anticipation. For this I felt persuaded to apologize by way of introduction. It must feel suffocating to sit on the other side of such vultures. 
Pattinson pled ignorance. I just came in and they weren’t there,” he said, playfully defiant. “I’m almost certain it’s not about me, though.”
Who else would they be looking for?
“I go in and out, and I’m like, ’They’re not following! It’s clearly someone else,’” he said, almost proud at the realization that maybe there’s somebody more sought-after in the building. Doubtful. If anything, his comment proved that he’s all too familiar with the dance that occurs between shutterbug and famous subject. After all, this is the man who, according to a GQ profile published last week, rode around in the trunks of cars and parked rental vehicles throughout Los Angeles in case he needed to make a quick getaway. He’s depressingly well-trained in the art of paparazzi circumvention. 

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'Good Time': New Picture or Robert Pattinson & Benny Safdie Working at a Car Wash

'Good Time': Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson & Benny Safdie Travaillant dans une Station de Lavage Auto

Ils avaient parlé du fait d'avoir travaillé incognito dans une station de lavage auto avec l'autoristation du patron, et voici une photo prise ce jour là.
They talked about working incognito in a car wash with the authorization of the boss, and here is a picture from that day.

image host

Légende: Juste 2 gars travaillant dans une station de lavage auto
Caption: Just a couple of guys working at a car wash


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'Good Time': Robert Pattinson Talks about his Transformation & Work to Embody Connie with EW

'Good Time': Robert Pattinson Parle de son Travail de Transformation pour Incarner Connie avec EW

From EW:
The 31-year-old actor tells EW, ‘I’d love for people to watch “Good Time” and think I’m a first-time actor who they’ve never seen before’

With the role that made him super-famous five years in the rearview mirror, Robert Pattinson is returning to theaters in his first leading role since the end of the Twilight franchise. The 31-year-old British actor stars as a low-life New York criminal named Connie Nikas in the critically acclaimed Good Time.

In the exclusive clip above, which is a snippet from the movie’s opening scene, we first meet Connie’s brother Nick (played by co-director Benny Safdie), who has developmental disabilities, as he’s speaking to a psychiatrist (Peter Verby). Pattinson’s character barges into the office to drag his brother out, triggering a very twisty plot that before long will lead to the two brothers on the run from the police after a sloppy bank robbery.

Pattison spoke to EW about finding the look, sound, and essence of his character. His performance has been generating awards buzz since the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Good Time is in limited release now and expanding to more cinemas in coming weeks.

'Good Time': Pictures & Videos of Robert Pattinson at Lincoln Square & Union Square Q&A in NYC (August 11)

'Good Time': Photos et Vidéos de Robert Pattinson aux Sessiosn de Q/R de Lincoln Square & Union Square à New York (11 Aout)


'Good Time': 5 New BTS Pictures & a Cute Moment Shared by Robert Pattinson & Josh Safdie

'Good Time': 5 Nouvelles Photos BTS & un Adorable Moment Partagé par Robert Pattinson & Josh Safdie

Update: Ajout d'une photo / Added 1 picture

Ha ha cette photo est absolument géniale!
Ha ha this pic is absolutely priceless!

image host

Légende: Rob et Josh partageant un moment
Caption: Rob and Josh sharing a moment. GOOD TIME IN THEATERS TONIGHT and this WEEKEND! @goodtimemov

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Légende: @lennice98 joue CRYSTAL dans @goodtimemov et là elle traine avec CONNIE dans une rare Acura Vigor 1991violette que nous avons acheté pour le film.
Caption: @lennice98 stars as CRYSTAL in @goodtimemov here she is chilling with CONNIE in a rare 1991 purple Acura Vigor we purchased for the film.

New Photos & New Video Interview of Robert Pattinson with USA Today

Nouvelles Photos & Nouvelle Interview Vidéo de Robert Pattinson avec USA Today

Update: Ajout d'une photo MQ et du scan de l'interview de Rob / Added 1 MQ picture and the scan of Rob's interview

'Good Time': Video - New BTS Footage with Rob & Benny Safdie

'Good Time': Nouvelle Vidéo Making Of avec Rob & Benny Safdie


'Good Time': New Stills of Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas

'Good Time': Nouvelles Stills de Robert Pattinson aka Connie Nikas

image host image host

J'ai un peu éclairci cette photo: /  I lightened this pic:

image host

Source / Via 

'Good Time': New 'Good Time' Poster Featuring the Nikas Brothers in HQ

'Good Time': Nouvelle Affiche de 'Good Time' avec les Frères Nikas en HQ

Update: Ajout de la photo sans tag / Added untagged pic 

Les visages qui ont donné le coup d'envoi de 100 gâteaux #GoodTime


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image host

Source: A24
Source 2

'Good Time': Josh & Benny Safdie Discuss about Robert Pattinson & his Character with Vanity Fair France

'Good Time': Josh & Benny Safdie Discutent de Robert Pattinson & de son Personnage avec Vanity Fair France

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New Cute Picture of Rob with a Fan in New York

Nouvelle Adorable Photo de Rob avec une Fan à New York

Légende: Ça c'est New-York !!!!!!!
#tropjalousesmesfilles #tropgentil#mercirobert @robertpattinson#merciiiiiiiii#thankyou#robertpattison
Caption: That's New-York !!!!!!!
#toojealousmygirls #sonice #thankyourobert
 @robertpattinson #thaaaaaannnks#thankyou#robertpattison


'Good Time': Pictures & Videos of Robert Pattinson & the Safdie Brothers at Times Talks (August 10)

'Good Time': Photos & Vidéos de Robert Pattinson & des Frères Safdie à Times Talks (10 Aout)

Update: Ajout de nouvelles photos HQ, HQ sans tags et de photos de fans / Added new HQ pictures, HQ untagged and fan pics

Regardez le replay de Times Talk ( à partir de 4:00)
Watch Times Talk in replay (starts at 4:00)

'Good Time': Audio - 1 Hour with Robert Pattinson Talking about 'Good Time' & More with The Nerdist

'Good Time': Audio - 1 Heure avec Robert Pattinson Discutant de 'Good Time' & Plus avec The Nerdist


Asseyez vous confortablement et cliquez sur l'image pour écouter l'interview
Sit comfortably and click on the pic to listen to the interview

Chris Hardwick de l'émission The Nerdist a partagé cette photo avec Rob sur Instagram
Chris Hardwick from The Nerdist shares this cute pic with Rob on Instagram

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Source / Via  / Source

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'Good Time': New BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson Tattooed on Set

'Good Time': Nouvelle Photo BTS de Robert Pattinson Tatoué sur le Tournage

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Légende: Josh Safdie: Cet homme a travaillé plus dur qu'il ne l'avait dit. Tout comme l'équipe toute entière, merci à tous. @goodtimemov est dans les salles maintenant à New York / LA. Nous allons faire une session de questions/réponses avec le casting ce soir à Lincoln Square et Union Square. Venez.
Caption: Josh Safdie: This man worked harder than he said he would. As did the entire crew, thank you all. @goodtimemov is in theaters now in NY/LA. We'll do q/a's with him and the cast tonight Lincoln square and union square. Come through.


New Picture of Robert Pattinson at Entertainment Weekly The Show

Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson dans l’Émission Entertainment Weekly The Show

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Légende: Regardez qui est venu pour jouer aujourd'hui! #RobertPattinson. Il a joué dans cette toute petite saga #Twilight et maintenant il est de retour dans son nouveau film "GoodTime" qui a reçu une standing ovation à Cannes. J'ai vraiment essayé de ne pas faire de blague sur les vampires...
Caption: Look who came to play today! #RobertPattinson. He starred in that really small franchise #Twilight and now he's back in the new film "GoodTime" which received a standing ovation at Cannes. Trying hard not to make a vampire joke...


'Good Time': Robert Pattinson Talks about Damsel, Good Time, Being Connie, his Career & more with Business Insider

'Good Time': Robert Pattinson Parle de Damsel, Good Time, Incarner Connie, sa Carrière & plus avec Business Insider

From Business Insider:
Robert Pattinson talks about his wild new movie where he plays a small-time criminal: 'I'm confronting things in myself'

Robert Pattinson may be known best for the role that made him into a global superstar and tabloid obsession, playing Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” franchise, but he’s making it very hard for everyone to keep him in that box.

In his latest movie, “Good Time” (in select theaters Friday, nationwide August 25), Pattinson gives the best performance of his career so far playing Connie, a petty criminal who sets out on a mission to bail his mentally challenged brother out of prison. After the two botch a bank robbery, we follow Connie in a bizarre journey through New York, in which everything he does completely goes wrong.

To morph into a greasy Queens hood, the 31-year-old actor spent months working with directors Josh and Benny Safdie (Benny plays Connie’s brother in the movie) before shooting began, which included dressing in character and doing improvised performances with Benny in public.

With a cluster of eager paparazzi waiting outside, Business Insider chatter with Pattinson at the Bowery Hotel in New York City to discuss his new role, why he spends so much time on movie websites, and with more “Twilight” movies to come, if he’d ever consider playing Edward Cullen again.

Jason Guerrasio: You've said in interviews that it's seeing a picture of the Safdie's last movie, "Heaven Knows What," that sparked the interested to work with them. What were you searching for creatively back at that time?
Robert Pattinson: That. I mean, I don't do anything else. I literally f---ing look at film websites all day long. [Laughs]

'Good Time': Videos - Robert Pattinson Talks about 'Good Time' on the Red Carpet of the NYC Premiere

'Good Time': Vidéos - Robert Pattinson Parle de 'Good Time' sur le Tapis Rouge de l'Avant-Première New Yorkaise

Update: Ajout d'une vidéo Extra / Added Extra video

'Good Time': Video - New Short Robert Pattinson's Interview with Eye On Entertainement CBS

'Good Time': Vidéo - Nouvelle Courte Interview de Robert Pattinson avec Eye On Entertainement CBS


'Good Time': Video - Robert Pattinson & Safdie Brothers Talk about 'Good Time' with IGN

'Good Time': Vidéo - Robert Pattinson & les Frères Safdie Parle de 'Good Time' avec IGN

Update: Ajout de l'interview vidéo / Added the video interview

J'ai discuté avec Robert Pattinson de son incroyable film "GOOD TIME" que j'ai absolument adoré!

image host

Ca commence à 28:40
It starts at 28:40

Source / Source / Via

New-Old? Robert Pattinson Fan Picture

Nouvelle-Ancienne? Photo de Robert Pattinson avec un Fan

Source / Via

'Good Time': New HQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson Being Interviewed at the NYC Premiere (August 8)

'Good Time': Nouvelles Photos HQ de Robert Pattinson en Pleine Interview à l'Avant-Première New Yorkaise (8 Aout)

Video - Robert Pattinson Talks Free Stuff & Free Toilets with KTLA5

Vidéo - Robert Pattinson Parle de Trucs Gratuits & de Toilettes Gratuites avec KTLA5

Update: Ajout d'une vidéo / Added 1 video

Source / Source

'Good Time': Videos - 3 Clips Shown at Times Talks

'Good Time': Vidéos - 3 Extraits Diffusés à Times Talks

Thanks Korita!

New Pictures of Robert Pattinson by Roman Dean at Metrograph in NYC

Nouvelles Photos de Robert Pattinson par Roman Dean au Metrograph à NY

Update: Ajout d'une photo en meilleure qualité / Added one picture in better quality

image host

Légende: Robert Pattinson nous a rendu visite dans notre boutique de bonbons cette semaine, avant la session de questions/réponses pour ONE YEAR IN A LIFE OF CRIME. "Now," une série de films qui ont inspirés GOOD TIME, le nouveau film avec Pattinson par @booger_nose et @bowedtie, et ça continue avec JACKIE BROWN (10/8/et 17/8/) et AFTER HOURS (8/11). #robertpattinson #goodtime
Caption: Robert Pattinson paid a visit to our candy store this week, before the Q&A for ONE YEAR IN A LIFE OF CRIME. "Now," a series of films that inspired GOOD TIME, the new film with Pattinson by @booger_nose and @bowedtie, continues with JACKIE BROWN (8/10 and 8/17) and AFTER HOURS (8/11). #robertpattinson #goodtime

'Good Time': HQ Pictures & Video of Robert Pattinson & All the Cast Talking about 'Good Time' at Build Series

'Good Time': Photos HQ & Vidéo de Robert Pattinson & Tout le Cast Discutant de 'Good Time' à Build Series  

Et voici Rob, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Talia Webster, Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie & Buddy Duress tous ensemble réunis pour discuter de 'Good Time'.
Here are Rob, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Talia Webster, Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie & Buddy Duress all together to discuss 'Good Time'.

'Good Time': New Picture of Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas the Bad Boy

'Good Time': Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson aka Connie Nikas le Bad Boy

Le producteur Oscar Boyson a partagé cette géniale photo sur Instagram & promet d'en partager plus prochainement!
Producer Oscar Boyson shared this new great pic on Instagram & promises to share more soon!
image host

Légende: Une de mes photos préférées que j'ai prise sur le tournage de GOOD TIME, qui sort demain dans une séléction de villes. J'en partagerai d'autres dans les prochaines semaines.
Caption: One of my favorite photos from the set I took while making GOOD TIME, which comes out tomorrow in select cities. I'll be sharing a few more over the coming weeks.


jeudi 10 août 2017

'Good Time': Pictures & Videos of Robert Pattinson & Cast at Alamo Drafthouse Q&A in NYC (August 9)

'Good Time': Photos & Vidéos de Robert Pattinson & du Cast au Q/R d'Alamo Drafthouse à NY (9 Aout)


image host image host image host image host image host

Les photos ci dessus sont de nous alors merci de nous créditer si vous les partagez
The pictures above are from us so please credit us if you share them

Pictures & Videos - Robert Pattinson Talks about 'Good Time' & his GQ Hot Dog Short Film at Good Morning America

Photos & Vidéos - Robert Pattinson Parle de 'Good Time' & de son Court Métrage GQ sur les Hot Dogs dans Good Morning America


'Good Time': New Clip from the Late Show

'Good Time': Nouvel Extrait Diffusé lors du Late Show


HQ Pictures, Fans Pictures & Videos of Robert Pattinson at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (August 9)

Photos HQ, Photos de Fans & Vidéos de Robert Pattinson à l’Émission du Late Show avec Stephen Colbert (9 Aout)

image host image host image host image host image host

Robert Pattinson Talks about 'Good Time' & Why He Wanted to Work with the Safdie Brothers with Rolling Stone

Robert Pattinson Parle de 'Good Time' & des Raisons pour Lesquelles Il Voulait Travailler avec les Frères Safdie avec Rolling Stone

From Rolling Stone:
Robert Pattinson can't explain it – he just knew. 

It was early 2015, and the Twilight star was now three years removed from Edward Cullen, the iconic vampire heartthrob who made the British actor's name but had also painted him into a corner. 

Looking to break free, the then-29-year-old star began seeking out daring dramas and working with filmmakers like David Cronenberg, David Michôd, Werner Herzog and James Gray. He was determined to prove that he wasn't just a YA pinup. And in the midst of that reinvention, Pattinson stumbled upon a promotional still for Heaven Knows What, a gritty, unsparing 2014 New York indie about a homeless woman ravaged by heroin addiction.

"It really struck me," he says softly, sitting in a Beverly Hills hotel suite, remembering the moment. "You normally see really striking imagery in a lot of European movies. But it's rare to see that coming out of American independents."

Pattinson knew nothing about the movie – he hadn't even seen a trailer. Nor had he seen any of the previous films by its directors, the brothers Josh and Benny Safdie. But, looking at that image, he knew: He had to be in business with these filmmakers. So Pattinson emailed them.

"When I like something, I get unbelievably enthusiastic," the actor explains with a warm, ingratiating smile. "The first email I sent was like, ‘I'm completely certain that we're supposed to do something together.' And they're like, ‘Have you seen any of our stuff?' I said, ‘Nope, don't need to see it. I know.'"

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