lundi 26 juin 2017

New Robert Pattinson's Interview with SKIP Magazine (Austria)

Nouvelle Interview de Robert Pattinson avec le Magazine SKIP (Autriche)

(Translation thanks to Rob Pattinson News)

My eyes were bleeding! 

It's not always easy for Robert Pattinson: stress is on him! In Cannes, he presented the drama Good Time and told us that he knows how to deal with his anxiety.

What was it like filming with the two directors? 
Difficult! They were arguing all the time. (laughs) It was quite busy. If two people are talking consistently at the same time, sometimes it is quite disconcerting.

Your roles are unusual: what are you looking for? 
I don't know, I just know that I'm looking for something that is not so predictable. I like a script that on page 5 I still do not know where the story goes. And I cannot remember the last time I watched a commercial movie and I thought "Wow!" Although I really enjoy watching superhero movies.

Would you like to take part in this genre? 
I think it's meant for people who are convinced they can save the world. I'm quite the opposite. 

Have you ever had the desire to simply sit comfortably in the sun? You could do it ...
Oh, I really spend a lot of time sitting doing nothing, do not worry! In fact, most of the year. But I really enjoy filming, even though I always consider it challenging. Whenever I start a new movie, I first think: 'My God, what I'm doing here, I do not understand any of this, I'm an idiot!' It's like climbing a great mountain. And the hardest thing for me is to convince myself that I can do this.

Have you ever doubted yourself? 
Oh yes of course. And the older I get, the worse it gets. But I do not see it as a curse, on the contrary. I'll take care of it. Before Cannes, I was so nervous because I was thinking all the time what disasters could happen. I had an allergic reaction due to stress,it was so bad that removed the skin of my eyelids.The day before the debut even bleeding:what a look (laughs)

When can you relax? After the premiere? 
Yeah, maybe for 5 minutes. So I immediately start looking for the film's bad reviews. 

You look very unglamorous in Good Time, really normal 
This was important because we filmed a lot on the street and also with amateur actors. And we wanted to be everywhere without people realizing what we were doing. It was fascinating to see how we can become so invisible. In one scene I played a security guard and apparently it was very convincing. I walked in the elevator with a resident of the apartments who knew that a movie was being filmed there. And he looked me in the face and asked, 'Hey, are you Bradley Cooper's bodyguard?'

Does not that mean that Twilight's madness is finally over? 
I do not know, I think those films are still in people's minds. and that my other performances are still being compared to it. I never felt like it was a burden that I had to get rid of.

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