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First Fantastic Medias Reactions to the 'Good Time' Trailer & Robert Pattinson's Performance

Les Premières Excellentes Réactions des Medias concernant les Premières Images de 'Good Time' & la Performance de Robert Pattinson

(...)“Good Time” looks like it will continue the Safdie tradition of visceral, gritty and utterly hypnotic indie filmmaking. It should also be another unpredictable entry in Pattinson’s growing oeuvre. The actor has become an indie favorite thanks to collaborations with David Michod, David Cronenberg, Werner Herzog and James Gray. It’s safe to say working with the Safdie Bros should give Pattinson the opportunity to show off a completely new side of himself.(...)

(...) Featuring original music from OneOhTrix Point Never and Iggy Pop, the trailer shows off Safdies’ intense, on-the-ground style, hinting at quite a performance from Pattinson.(...)

From Collider:

(...)Pattinson has really carved out a fascinating career post-Twilight (same goes for Kristen Stewart). Instead of seizing upon his superstardom and tackling a superhero movie or leading action franchises, he’s opted to work with interesting auteur filmmakers on challenging, often niche films. Just this year he’s coming off of James Gray’s heralded The Lost City of Z, and now we’ve got Good Time to look forward to. In true A24 fashion this trailer makes the viewer very curious about just what this film really is.(...)

(...)This trailer does a nice job of introducing the story and setting up everything, so dive right in. Also starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barkhad Abdi, & Benny Safdie (as Connie's brother). This looks like it has an exceptional performance from Pattinson, so at least there's that to look out for in here. Enjoy.(...)

From THR:

(...)Robert Pattinson gets a serious makeover in the Safdie brothers’ man-on-the-run crime thriller Good Time, which will have its world premiere in competition at the Cannes Film Festival on May 25.(...)

(...)The brothers have garnered acclaim for their films Daddy Long Legs (2010) and Heaven Knows What (2014), but Good Time promises to elevate the filmmaking team to another level. Pattinson is easily the starriest actor the Safdies have ever worked with, and early buzz suggests that this new performance is the most complex that the actor has ever delivered. (...) Check out the intense, atmospheric trailer.(...)

From Yahoo:

(...) Robert Pattinson has spent much of his post-Twilight career making adventurous films with daring filmmakers, from David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis) to David Michôd (The Rover) to James Gray (last month’s The Lost City of Z). He’ll be continuing in that vein with his latest, Good Time, which is directed by Josh and Bennie Safdie (Heaven Knows What). (...) With a ratty haircut, rough New York accent, and air of sweaty desperation, Pattinson will be the axis around which Good Time’s mania swirls and should further cement his reputation as an actor drawn to unconventional projects.
Sure to be marked by the Safdie brothers’ hypnotic, expressionistic aesthetic style, Good Time will be one of the most exciting American films to premiere at Cannes later in May. (...)

From VMan:

(...)Produced by A24 and directed by Ben and Josh Safdie, the film is set to premiere at Cannes Festival in France on May 25th. Following his role in Lost City of Z, there plenty of anticipation for Pattison's performance. The film is being called a career defining moment for Pattison, as well as for the Safdie Brothers. (...)

From Indiewire:

(...)New York sibling directors Josh and Benny Safdie cracked the competition this year with their heist thriller “Good Time,” but it’s likely to attract the most attention for star Robert Pattinson. Now firmly into his post-“Twilight” phase, the actor plays a bank-robbing New Yorker trying to help his mentally disabled brother over the course of a single frantic night. Pattinson, who has been in Cannes competition before with David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis,” is well positioned to wow audiences already enamored of his earlier roles with something edgier and more surprising; he could be a strong contender for the festival’s acting prize.(...)

From Nylon:

(...)The last time we saw Robert Pattinson, he was barely visible beneath a giant beard in The Lost City of Z. Now, in the brand-new trailer for the gritty thriller Good Time, Pattinson disappears not just under a mop of bleached blonde hair and a goatee, but under a believable Queens, New York, accent, too. Playing Constantine Nikas, a small-time bank robber who’ll do anything to get his brother out of Rikers Island after he’s arrested, it’s hard to believe this is the same actor who donned fangs as vampire Edward Cullen. It’s yet another example of how far the actor is willing to stretch himself post-Twilight. (...)

(...)Following his career as a sparkly vampire in the Twilight movies, Pattinson has made it his goal in life to challenge himself in weird and offbeat roles in smaller films. Case in point: A24’s new crime thriller, Good Time. Pattinson is almost unrecognizable here as a crook looking to bail his brother out of jail following a botched robbery, one for which he was clearly responsible on some level. Since Twilight, Pattinson has worked with David Cronenberg a couple of times, he starred in the terrific Australian road thriller The Rover, and most recently starred alongside Charlie Hunnam in the massively underrated Lost City of Z. The guy has the goods, and he may never be recognized for it. But I don’t think he cares. Robert Pattinson is a great actor. There, I said it.(...)

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