vendredi 21 avril 2017

'High Life': Video - Claire Denis Mentions New Intriguing Details about the Story

'High Life': Vidéo - Claire Denis Mentionne de Nouveaux Détails Intrigants sur l'Histoire du Film


Journalist: (...) the shooting of her new movie 'High Life' is scheduled for 2017 in Cologne, with Robert Pattinson and Patricia Arquette, her first science fiction movie in English language.

Claire Denis: It's a film that takes place far from Earth, outside the solar system. I imagined that a woman would be fatal to a man. But in the conditions where she isn't a "femme fatale" (
irresistible woman), not a pin up. But she is fatal to him because she does something that is going to be fatal to him.

Qui est intrigué encore plus maintenant??? :)
Who is intrigued even more now ??? :)

Translation Pattinson Art Work

Source / Thanks Maria for the tip!

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