jeudi 2 mars 2017

'The Lost City of Z': James Gray Explains Why He Chose Robert Pattinson in 'La Septième Obsession' French Mag

'The Lost City of Z': James Gray Explique Pourquoi il a Choisi Robert Pattinson dans le Magazine 'La Septième Obsession'

Retrouvez 7 Pages très intéressantes consacrées à 'The Lost City of Z' dans le numéro de Mars du magazine La Septième Obsession actuellement en vente dans les kiosques. Il y a 2 pages avec cette belle still de Robert Pattinson dans le rôle d'Henry Costin et aussi une interview de James Gray dans laquelle il répond à une question concernant Rob.

You can find 7 very interesting pages dedicated to 'The Lost City of Z' in the March issue of  La Septième Obsession French magazine currently on sale here. There are 2 pages with this beautiful still of Robert Pattinson as Henry Costin and also an interview of James Gray in which he answers a question about Rob.


Question: Even if the movie is focused on a main character, The Lost City of Z  is a movie with an ensemble cast, which is new to you. Percy Fawcett always travels with Henry Costin, played by Robert Pattinson, and other characters with who he seems to be inseparable.

James Gray: I always wanted Robert Pattinson to play in the film and he was graceful enough to wait for many years that the film finally happens. I wanted him to be really unrecognizable, I didn't want Robert Pattinson the heartthrob. We could almost say that he disappears in the role even if we can recognize him by removing that thick beard that hides his face. Personally, I think he is terrific. The complicity he created with Charlie clearly show the relationship between their two characters.

Translation by Pattinson Art Work

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