jeudi 25 mai 2017

Live Stream Links & Schedule for 'Good Time' Cannes Photocall, Press Conference & Premiere

Liens LiveStream & Programme du Photocall, de la Conference de Presse & de l'Avant-Première de 'Good Time' à Cannes

Liens Livestream pour le Photocall de 'Good Time' le 25 Mai aux alentours de 10h30 suivi de la Conférence de Presse à 11h00 (heure française). Avant Première et tapis rouge à 22h30
Vidéos ici: ICI & ICI

Live stream links for 'Good Time' Photocall on May 25th around 10:30 AM followed by Press Conf at 11:00 AM. Premiere with red carpet at 10:30PM (local time) => 4:30AM, 5:00AM & 4:30PM US East Coast / 1:30AM,  2:00AM & 1:30PM US West Coast
Watch here: HERE & HERE

Si vous êtes à Cannes, 1 autre séance de 'Good Time' a été ajoutée au programme de Cannes :
-25 Mai - 8:30 - 12:00 - 22:30 (Avant Première avec Tapis rouge)
-26 Mai - 10:30
-28 Mai - 11:30

If you are in Cannes, another 'Good Time' screening has been added to Cannes schedule :
-May 25th - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Premiere with Red Carpet) 
-May 26th - 10:30 AM
-May 28th - 11:30 AM

Cannes schedule ici / Programmation de Cannes here

'Good Time' Take a Look at the French Cannes Press Kit & Learn More about the Movie!

'Good Time' Jetez un Œil au Kit de Presse Français &Apprenez en plus sur le Film!

Très bonne lecture mais attention cependant aux spoilers
Great read but bit contains spoilers

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Lire à la source ici / Read at the source here

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mardi 23 mai 2017

'Good Time' Special Screening in Paris at Gaumont Opéra on May Saturday 27th

'Good Time': Projection Spéciale à Paris au Gaumont Opéra ce Samedi 27 Mai

Dans le cadre de l'opération "Cannes à Paris", vous pouvez voir les films projetés à Cannes à Paris ce vendredi, samedi et dimanche au Gaumont Opéra. 'Good Time' passera samedi 27 Mai à 22h40.  
Les tickets sont maintenant en vente ici.

As part of "Cannes in Paris", you can see the films that are presented during the Cannes Festival in Paris this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at theater Gaumont Opera. 'Good Time' will be shown Saturday May 27th at 10:40PM.  
Tickets are now on sale here.

'Good Time': Interview - Josh Safdie Compares Robert Pattinson's Performance to Al Pacino, Tommy Lee Jones & Robert De Niro's

'Good Time': Interview - Josh Safdie Compare la Performance de Robert Pattinson à celles d'Al Pacino, Tommy Lee Jones & Robert De Niro

Benny and Josh Safdie are in Cannes Competition this year for the first time with Good Time, having previously featured in directors’ fortnight with The Pleasure Of Being Robbed and Daddy Longlegs.

Their latest stars Robert Pattinson in what the actor called a “mentally damaged psychopath, bank robbery movie”.

How did you react to being selected for Official Competition?
Josh Safdie: In Robert Pattinson’s house in LA he has an incredible, expensive toilet. After sitting on it for 20 minutes I said to him ‘that’s the dream’. He says: ‘if we get into Cannes Competition, I will buy you that toilet’. Six hours before the [Cannes] announcement… Rob texts me a picture of the toilet. That’s how I found out!

How did the film come together?
JS: We were dead set on this other film which we’re now doing called Uncut Gems, and [our last film] Heaven Knows What was about to be released. Robert [Pattinson] saw a still for that and something spoke to him about that, the colours, the image itself, he became obsessed with getting in touch with us. Then he saw the trailer and said: ‘now I need to meet with you’. Then he saw the film and said explicitly ‘whatever you’re doing next, I want to be a part of it, even if it means doing the catering’.
He didn’t sit in the diamond district world very well [for Uncut Gems], I was honest with him about that, and there was another world we were mulling, and we said maybe can write something for you in Good Time.
What was it like to work with Robert Pattinson?
Benny Safdie: I have so much respect for how deep he went, the places he went, the people he met, just his level of commitment, 16 hours a day, he was willing to do whatever. It was cold, I was playing the brother in a wheelchair, and we said to him ‘we don’t need you for this shot’, but he would stay and push me around in the cold. He said: “I need that, to take it that far”. He went above and beyond.
JS: We bought Rob to a lot of active jails. He turned up in character in the hope that he inmates wouldn’t recognise him as a movie star. We pushed our start date on purpose in an effort to buy more prep time and I would say there was 3-4 months of character prep for him, which is a lot for a movie star in his career.

How would you describe his final performance?
JS: I wouldn’t even call it a performance, if you were to show the film to someone who has no idea who Robert Pattinson is, they would just assume that we found this guy. The only performances that I could liken what he did would be to an Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon or Tommy Lee Jones in The Executioner’s Song or Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. I’m mentioning icons of my filmic mind. This is what people will liken this to, it’s a transformation.
Personally for him he wanted to disappear. When he was fully in character, in costume, in make-up and when he knew his voice, he would just take a walk around the neighbourhood, simply because normally he can’t do that. He would walk into a pharmacy and buy a Coca Cola and no-one would say anything to him or look at him, or take a picture of him, and that’s how he knew he had the character down.


Read the full interview at the source

'Good Time': Video - Watch Josh Safdie Talk about Robert Pattinson Sending him a Picture of his Japanese Toilet

'Good Time': Vidéo - Josh Safdie Raconte Pourquoi Robert Pattinson lui a Envoyé une Photo de ses Toilettes Japonaises

On adore cette histoire lol / Love this story lol


samedi 20 mai 2017

New Project! Robert Pattinson to Star in Two-Part Film 'The Souvenir' by Joanna Hogg & Produce by Martin Scorsese!

Nouveau Projet! Robert Pattinson au Casting d'un Film en Deux Parties 'The Souvenir' par Joanna Hogg & Produit par Martin Scorsese!

Quelle belle semaine pour les fans de Rob! Une nouvelle bande annonce, un nouveau photoshoot et maintenant un nouveau projet! Et un film qui sera produit par Martin Scorsese!
What a week for Rob's fans! New trailer, new photoshoot and now a new project! And a film to be produce by Martin Scorsese!

Via The Hollywood Reporter:
Robert Pattinson, qui est à Cannes avec son dernier film 'Good Time', sera au casting du film en deux parties 'The Souvenir' avec Tom Burke, Ariane Labed et Richard Ayoade.
Joanna Hogg réalisera le film situé dans les années 80 qui se concentre sur une jeune étudiante en cinéma qui vit sa première relation amoureuse sérieuse avec un homme compliqué et peu digne de confiance.
Le premier rôle féminin n'a pas encore été trouvé. Burke jouera le premier rôle masculin dans le premier film, tandis que Pattinson interprêtera le premier rôle masculin dans le deuxième film.
Martin Scorsese produira le film avec sa partenaire de Sikelia Productions, Emma Tillinger Koskoff. Luke Schiller produira le film, qui est présenté à Cannes par Protagonist.
Pattinson a récemment été vu dans 'The Lost City of Z' avec Charlie Hunnam et 'Queen of the Desert' avec Nicole Kidman. Il joue dans 'Good Time' des frères Safdie, qui est présenté au festival. Il est représenté par WME, Curtis Brown Group au Royaume-Uni et Sloane.
Traduction Pattinson Art Work


Robert Pattinson, who is in Cannes with his latest film Good Time, will star in the two-part film The Souvenir along with Tom Burke, Ariane Labed and Richard Ayoade.
Joanna Hogg will direct the '80s-set film that centers on a young film student who is involved in her first serious love affair with a complicated and untrustworthy man.
The female lead has not yet been cast. Burke will play the male lead in the first film, while Pattinson will take on the leading male role of the second film.
Martin Scorsese will executive produce with his Sikelia Productions partner Emma Tillinger Koskoff. Luke Schiller will produce the film, which is being introduced in Cannes by Protagonist.
Pattinson was recently seen in The Lost City of Z with Charlie Hunnam and Queen of the Desert with Nicole Kidman. He stars in the Safdie brothers’ Good Time, which is playing in the festival. He’s repped by WME, Curtis Brown Group in the UK and Sloane, Offer.

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vendredi 19 mai 2017

New Robert Pattinson's Photoshoot & Interview in Crash Magazine (France) Better Quality Scans

Nouveau Photoshoot & Interview de Robert Pattinson dans le Magazine Crash

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Le magazine Crash avec Rob en couverture est dans les kiosques aujourd'hui. C'est un très beau magazine très qualitatif. Allez l'acheter! Ou ici par correspondance.

Crash Magazine is a really qualitative magazine. Pages are beautiful. Available in newsstand now. Go buy it! You can order Crash Mag issue (80) with Robert Pattinson on the cover here. In English or French

These are our scans. Thanks for crediting us if you share them! 

Translation after the cut

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