samedi 18 juin 2016

'High Life': Update on Location, Budget and Filming Schedule

'High Life': Dernières News concernant les Lieux de Tournage, le Budget et le Planning de Tournage

Derniers news concernant le film de science-fiction 'High Life' dirigé par Claire Denis avec Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, Mia Goth et Lars Eidinger qui s'ajoute au casting. Nous apprenons via Filmneweurope que le film a reçu 1.5 million pour sa production  par l'Institut Polonais du Film. Ce film est une co-production entre la France, l'Allemagne, le Royaume Uni et la Pologne. La Pologne s'ajoute également aux quelques lieux de tournages déjà choisis et le tournage devrait commencer à l'automne. Le budget du film est de 7,2 millions d'euros.

Latest news on the science fiction movie 'High Life' directed by Claire Denis with Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, Mia Goth and Lars Eidinger who joins the cast. We learn from Filmneweurope the film has received 1.5 million for its production by the Polish Film Institute. This film is a co-production between France, Germany, UK and Poland. Poland is also added to the several film locations already selected and filming is expected to begin in fall. The budget of the film is 7.2 million.

From filmneweurope:
WARSAW: High Life, the first English-language film from Palm D'Or winner Claire Denis, has received 1.5 m PLN from the Polish Film Institute. The film will be a coproduction between France, Germany, UK and Poland.
High Life is a sci-fi drama set in the outer space, where the main characters live in complete isolation. The all-star cast includes Robert Pattinson, Patricia Arquette, Mia Goth and Lars Eidinger. The screenplay was written by Claire Denis with Jean-Paul Fargeau, Geoffe Cox in co-operation with Zadie Smith and Nick Laird. Stuart Staples and the Tindersticks will compose the music. The DoP is Agnes Godard.
The film is a coproduction between France (Alcatraz Films), Germany (Pandora Film), UK (Apocalypse Films) and Poland (Madants).

"I've been an admirer of her work for years and when I read about her upcoming project last year in Cannes I immediately contacted all the producers involved in the project offering my assistance. I was ready to make coffee on set,” Klaudia Śmieja of Madants, this year's Cannes Producer on the Move, told FNE in an exclusive interview.
The budget of the film is 7.2 m EUR. The film will be shot at several locations including some in Poland. Film Commission Poland is assisting the producers with location scouting.

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