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New Picture of Robert Pattinson in 'Les InRocKuptibles' Magazine + Some Quotes (France)

Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson dans le Magazine 'Les InRocKuptibles' + Quelques Citations

Update: Ajout de la photo en HQ / Added HQ pic

Dans le dernier numéro des Inrocks du 28 mai 2014
In the last issue (Mai 28 2014) of Les Inrocks

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"Do you know if Leos Carax is nearby?" asks Robert Pattinson ingenously. (White shirt on a khaki moth eaten T-shirt) when we mention Juliette Binoche and 'Les amants du Pont Neuf', one of his favourite films. We explain him that Monsieur Merde's daddy is not fond of the 'Cannes' society life' but we can come across him every morning, at the café-croissant's time of the day, in a pub in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. "Wow, seriously?" Rob seems ready to jump in a high-speed train heading to Gare de Lyon, as soon as we will leave him. A Carax's movie with Pattinson? And why not? Nothing seems forbidden for the British actor, who became a star with 'Twilight', who was sucked the lifeblood out of by the paparazzis since his relationship (and break-up) with Kristen Stewart, and now he's wooed by the most prestigious filmmakers on earth.

It's for you to decide, look at his schedule: Lawrence of Arabia for Werner Herzog (already completed), explorer for James Gray (next year), gangster in Chicago in the 70s for Olivier Assayas and an undefined role in Harmory Korine's upcoming movie … And of course, two movies this year at Cannes Film Festival: in official competition with David Cronenberg (but this time he's the one driving the limo) and a Midnight Screening in the excellent 'The Rover' by the australian David Michôd: "Honestly, it was really what I was hoping for. I've been working like crazy for five years and I've been trying to build relationships with filmmakers I admire' … The implementation of the battle plan seems flawless, indeed.

"Robert is an extremely malleable actor, very smart, pleasant and easy to direct" tells David Cronenberg. David Michôd, on his side, was really impressed by his ability to take initiatives: "He came at the screen tests with a specific idea of how his character should be. It was bluffing". And don't forget his sense of camaraderie and his singing performance, in the evening in the middle of the desert, around a wood fire – He becomes strangely shy when we ask him about what kind of music he likes to play.

By the end of the interview, he finishes his bottle of water (the previous night had apparently plenty to drink) and he sets off again to new skies (Café des Arts, 80 Belleville street, Paris 10th arrondissement. But hush hush! We didn’t tell you anything)

Source: Les Inrocks / Scans HQ Le RpattzClub / Translation by Pattinson Art Work

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