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'Maps To The Stars' (Interviews of David Cronenberg) and 'The Rover' in French Magazines (French)

'Maps To The Stars' (Interviews de David Cronenberg) et 'The Rover' dans la Presse Française

Update: Ajout de scans / Added more scans

Dans le dernier magazine UGC illimité il y a plusieurs surprises: L'affiche personnage de Rey, une interview de David Cronenberg et un petit avis sur 'Maps to the Stars'.

In the last issue of UGC unlimited magazine there are several surprises: The character poster of Rey, an interview with David Cronenberg and a small review of 'Maps to the Stars'.

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Et il y a aussi une interview de David Cronenberg et des critiques des deux films dans le magazine Studio Ciné Live de mai.

And there is also an interview with David Cronenberg and reviews of two films in the Studio Ciné Live magazine, May issue.

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Interview de David Cronenberg dans le magazine 'Les Inrocks':

Interview with David Cronenberg in the magazine 'The Inrocks':

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Source Scans: 1 Marine Dorance & 2 RpattzClub & 3 Farah

Reviews Translation after the cut

'Maps to the Stars''s Review by Studio Ciné Live:

Cronenberg knocks off Hollywood in a hypnotic film.

David is back! Forgotten the morose and easy Cosmopolis or A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg is back to his domain of preference: rough, trashy with crazy characters and a hypnotizing atmosphere. In this sense, Maps to the Stars could almost be a reborn for his filmography. Is it because, for the first time, he endorses the pamphlet's codes in the dark and incandescent painting of Hollywood society where appearences are set up as a moral code. A family of crazies, a star on her way back, a young roquet, a shyzo-poet pyromaniac or a young limo driver with a predatory smile who fucks in the back seat: Cronenberg revels in these crazy characters and this culture of appearances in a very fascinating movie. Maps To The Stars is raw and hypnotic, between reality and fantasy, dreams and nightmares. Until an icy and violent ending carried again in an amazing economy of effects. The cast of 'the player' in a trash version. Mia reveals her poisonous flower side, Robert Pattinson shows he's more than a pretty face and Julianne has a great presence with what will become THE performance of her career which is already brilliant. Just like Cronenberg who renews with this twisted, trashy and intelligent cinema.

'The Rover' review by Studio ciné live:

A road movie with ironic darkness.

David Michôd likes contrasts. Discovered with 'Animal Kingdom', a psychological thriller, almost behind closed doors, visually dark, we find him three years later with a post apocalyptique western located in the australian outtaback, overwhelmed by the sun. But this light is misleading. 'The Rover' works in the same tetanizing way as his first feature film. (... Synopsis ...) Accompanied by an anxiogenic and intriguing sountrack, this road movie is terribly ironic especially for his darkness. Subtly blowing hot and cold, Michôd manages to create  empathetic conditions toward the selfish and monstrous central character in the literal sense. Until a disconcerting final scene, but finalizing the work of this master of cynicism, so assured that it becomes fascinating. In the main roles, the rough hardness of  Guy Pearce goes perfectly with lost innocence brought out by Robert Pattinson. Any resemblance to any existing characters and economic situtations ... or about to be are obviously anything but accidental.

Translation by Pattinson Art Work

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