mardi 25 février 2014

'Life': First Pictures of Robert Pattinson all Smile on the Set! (Feb 18th)

'Life': Les Premières Photos de Robert Pattinson tout Sourire sur le Tournage ! (18 Février)

Update: Ajout de photos / Added Pictures

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From Popsugar :
Robert Pattinson has been lying low for a while, but we finally got a glimpse at what he’s been up to — and he looks completely different! Not only has Rob shaved his goatee for good, but he also dyed his hair black to play photographer Dennis Stock in the upcoming film Life. Shooting is currently under way in Toronto, and Robert braved the cold for a snowy scene on Tuesday, laughing and snapping photos of a bench.
Back in September, we spoke to Rob’s costar Dane DeHaan, who portrays James Dean in the film, and he admitted he was “terrified” but excited to work with a “great guy” like Rob. Lifeisn’t due out until at least next year, but this Summer, Robert will wow us with another transformation in The Rover, in which he stars as an injured robber forced to help Guy Pearce’s character find his stolen car in the desert.

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  1. se style retro luis vas bien a rob il est très beau il doit faire froid on voit aussi un petit gamin assis sur un banc avec la neige qui tombe je sui sûre qu'il doit lui tarder que la scène soit finie ,bonne journée a tous .mamie je pense bien a vous tous


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