vendredi 1 février 2013

BEST OF ROB 2012: Le Meilleur des Grimaces de Rob! / The Best Of Rob Making Faces!






‘Bel Ami’ Photocall Berlin Film Festival


pmsl his facial expressions are the best.


he is so cute



Rob talking about buying a car from a seller who can’t negotiate. 

Rob: On the craigslist thing you kinda ask “can I get like… $300 off?” - the thing is only two-and-a-half grand - I’m just incredibly cheap. I get the $300 off - and his come back is “what about… 50 bucks… more?” and I’m just like “…”


This is mine?????

I dunno why, but I love when he does this

Rob talking about Cosmopolis critics: “other ones are like, it’s about this and this and this…” 


Comment ne pas avoir un grand sourire sur le visage après avoir vu c'est gifs? Nous avons été plutôt gâté en 2012, espérons que 2013 sera également un bon cru pour le RobGrimaces! ;)

How not to have a big smile on our face after seeing thos gifs? We were quite spoiled in 2012, hope 2013 will be a good year too for Rob making faces! ;)

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