jeudi 21 septembre 2017

New Cover & New Photoshoot! Robert Pattinson is on the Cover of Wonderland Magazine Autumn 17 Issue

Nouvelle Couverture & Nouveau Photoshoot! Robert Pattinson est en Couverture du Magazine Wonderland N° Automne 2017


Comme toujours Rob n'est jamais là où on l'attend! Jetez un œil à ce nouveau photoshoot assez étonnant! Que vous aimiez ce nouveau photoshoot ou non, nous ne pouvons que respecter le fait que Rob n'a vraiment peur de rien et qu'il est toujours très créatif.
As always Rob is never where we expect him! Take a look at this surprising new photoshoot! Whether you like this new photoshoot or not, we can only respect the fact that Rob is really fearless and always very creative.

Vous pouvez le commander ici
You can buy it here

Via Wonderland:
(...) Cette saison, la star non conventionnelle d'Hollywood, Robert Pattinson est sur notre couverture, suite au succès de Good Time à Cannes et aux bruits qui courent d'une nomination potentielle aux Oscars, il est bien loin du monde de blockbuster de ses débuts. Se glissant dans la peau d'un responsable créatif, Pattinson a réuni un portfolio spécial de héros de la culture pop, d'icônes et de penseurs radicaux qui façonnent aujourd'hui son univers unique. (...)

From Wonderland:
'(...) This season, the unconventional Hollywood star, Robert Pattinson features on our cover, following the runaway success of Good Time at Cannes and whisperings of a potential Academy Award nomination, he’s a world away from his tween blockbuster beginnings.  Peering into the mind of a creative in charge, Pattinson has curated a special portfolio of pop culture heroes, icons and radical thinkers shaping his unique universe today. (...)

'The Devil all the Time' by Antonio Campos has been Added to Rob's IMDb Page & Listed in 'Pre-Production'

'The Devil all the Time' d'Antonio Campos a été Ajouté à la Page IMDb de Rob & Listée en 'Pré-Production'

Source / Thanks Nancy!

mercredi 20 septembre 2017

'High Life': Claire Denis about Rob: "It's so easy to love him; I liked him immediately" from Vanity Fair France + Translation

'High Life': Claire Denis concernant Rob: "C'est tellement facile de l’adorer; il m'a plu tout de suite" dans Vanity Fair France

Voici un extrait de l'interview de Claire Denis avec Vanity Fair France dans laquelle elle parle de sa rencontre avec Rob:

Votre prochain projet est un film de science-fiction avec Robert Pattinson. Il paraît qu’il a insisté pour travailler avec vous. 
Il ne m’a pas démarché, mais il a voulu me rencontrer. Je pensais à quelqu’un de plus âgé pour le rôle. J’ai paniqué : quel intérêt de le voir puisque ça ne pouvait pas être lui ? Lui disait à son agent : “Si ça peut être moi !” Encore un obstiné... Oui. Un jour, j’étais à Los Angeles pour rencontrer des acteurs et Robert, qui y séjourne de temps en temps, est venu me voir. On a parlé dans le jardin de l’hôtel. Pourquoi avait-il autant envie de travailler avec moi ? Ça m’angoissait presque. Puis j’ai lâché. C’est tellement facile de l’adorer ; il m’a plu tout de suite. Il m’avait déjà plu à la fin de Twilight – cette fin, oh là là ! Robert a quelque chose de très particulier. Il n’est pas seulement beau, il est mystérieux. 


Here is an extract from Claire Denis' interview in Vanity Fair France magazine in which she talks about her encounter with Rob:

Your next project is a science fiction movie with Robert Pattinson. He seems to have insisted on working with you. 
He didn't solicit me, but he wanted to meet me. I was thinking of someone older for the role. I panicked: What was the point of seeing him since it could not be him? He said to his agent: "Yes it can be me!" Another stubborn person ... Yes. One day I was in Los Angeles to meet actors and Robert, who stays there from time to time, came to see me. We spoke in the garden of the hotel. Why did he want so badly to work with me? It almost distressed me. Then I let go. It's so easy to love him; I liked him immediately. I already liked him at the end of Twilight - Oh lala that ending! Robert has something very special. He is not only good-looking, he is mysterious.

Translation Pattinson Art Work

Thanks Sally for the extract!

Robert Pattinson to Attend 'Good Time' Screening at Cologne Film Festival on October 1st (Germany)

Robert Pattinson se Rendra à la Projection de 'Good Time' au Festival du Film de Cologne le 1er Octobre (Allemagne)

Update: La venue de Rob a été effacée du site du Festival de Cologne. Ils se sont sans doute aperçu qu'il était encore trop tôt pour annoncer la nouvelle. Attendons de voir ...
Update: Rob's attendance has been removed from the Cologne Festival site. They probably noticed it was still too early to announce the news. Wait and see ...

Vous pouvez réserver vos billets ici
You can buy your tickets here

Source / Thanks Sally!

'Good Time': 2 New Cool Alternative German Posters with Robert Pattinson

'Good Time': 2 Super Nouvelles Affiches Alternatives Allemandes avec Robert Pattinson

image host image host

Source / Source / Via Sally

'High Life': Claire Denis Talks 'High Life' & Robert Pattinson in Les Inrockuptibles (France) + Translation

'High Life': Claire Denis Parle de 'High Life' & de Robert Pattinson dans Les Inrockuptibles (France) 

image host image host image host

Partial Translation:
The original idea of  'High Life' comes from the day when Claire joked about Vincent Gallo: "You're such a pain in the ass that I'm going to make a movie where you'll be alone in space." The filmmaker has been carrying the film for 5 years and thought she would have to abandon it given the financial issues. We can imagine that the meeting with Robert Pattinson, infinitely more bankable than Gallo, was decisive. Claire remembers: "He wanted to meet me at a time when I was lost about this project. I was seduced by him since Twilight." An American critic wrote: 'Go and see Pattinson, who is an actor who hides an other actor inside.' That's exactly it! I think Robert doesn't want to endure a career that he can't control." She was won over by Pattinson, his knowledge, his intelligence and his liveliness. "One day, in London, I wanted to see 'Phedre' by Warlikowski, and I invited Robert. He asked me how long it lasted, and I said, four hours. I felt him hesitate. He came, most likely to please me, and he came out totally crazy about it! Now he wants to work with Warlikowski." He is an "open" guy.

It will not be a blockbuster of course. The set is small, the scenery is simple, there will be very few special effects. We will be outside the solar system so there will be a lot of black on screen.

In the rest of the article they talk about the other film of Claire Denis 'Bright sunshine in' and how she made research to make 'High Life'.

Scans thanks to Sally!

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