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TBT: Cute New-Old Picture of Rob with a Fan from December 2012 in NYC

TBT: Adorable Nouvelle-Ancienne Photo de Rob avec une Fan en Décembre 2012 à New York

Légende: #TBT moi et #RobPattinson il y a 3 ans.
Caption: #TBT me with #RobPattinson 3 years ago.

Vous souvenez vous? C'était à New York devant l’hôtel Waldorf où Rob tournait la pub pour Dior. Rien n'était encore officiel concernant son partenariat avec la marque, et nous étions dans le flou total, mais ce jour là nous avions eu notre première preuve grâce à ces fans qui avaient eu l'info et l'attendaient en bas de l’hôtel. Plus de photos ICI et des vidéos ICI

Do you remember this? It was in New York at the Waldorf Hotel where Rob shot his commercial for Dior. At the time nothing was official about its partnership with the brand, and we were in a total blur, but that day we had our first proof thanks to these fans who had the info and were waiting at the hotel. More pictures HERE and videos HERE.


jeudi 28 mai 2015

Great Read about Rob's Career: "Robert Pattinson: A Talent For The Unexpected"

From Top 10
A movie star with swashbuckling good looks might suggest Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is just one of many Hollywood commodities, but beneath the surface, you’ll find far more substance in this talented Brit.

Adored by his committed fans and praised by critics, Robert Pattinson is a “pretty boy” with a talent that matches his appealing good looks. A childhood model from the age of 12, Pattinson quickly became a film star after his appearance as Cedric Diggory, alongside Daniel Radcliffe, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Unfairly ignored by those thinking of him only as “that guy from those vampire movies”, Pattinson proved that Twilight, while winning him favour with audiences across the world enamoured by the gothic, Romeo and Juliet-style romance of the Twilight series, only highlighted a small proportion of his acting talent.

Indeed, Robert Pattinson is so much more than the pale-faced vampire who courted Kristen Stewart both on and off screen. His diverse film roles alone offer proof that this London-born actor has a keen eye for character and an even better understanding of the difference between a good script and an average one.

Perhaps what’s most appealing about Pattinson within his movie work is his courage to experiment. After Twilight you’d forgive him for pursuing similarly commercial roles – the sort guaranteed to gain favour from his core group of younger fans – but he hasn’t done that. In fact, he appears to have sacrificed “safe” projects for far more demanding films.

While you may argue the adoration aimed at his celebrity lifestyle and private romances is keeping his profile primed within mainstream media, his choice of work, particularly his recent projects with the distinctly un-mainstream David Cronenberg in Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, have hardly deterred his devoted followers.

Take for example Rey in David Michôd’s The Rover. A far cry from the milky-white skin of his former vampire persona, Pattinson is grizzled and bloodied here in a performance widely praised. Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times called the actor a “revelation”, describing Rey as a “damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man’s half-unwilling accomplice.”

Todd McCarthy, writing for The Hollywood Reporter, clearly saw an actor determined to shed pretty boy baggage in favour of edgier, riskier, far less superficial roles. “Pattinson delivers a performance that, despite the character’s own limitations, becomes more interesting as the film moves along, suggesting that the young actor might indeed be capable of offbeat character work.”

This sentiment was echoed by Ryan Pollard in his review for Top 10 Films. “Robert Pattinson is really coming into his own as an actor, after having landed fascinating roles since the Twilight years, and recently excelling in David Cronenberg’s striking Maps to the Stars. Here, Pattinson [is] perfectly able to play someone who’s slightly crazy and dangerous, yet somewhat sympathetic and tragic underneath.”

Partly because of the Twilight saga coming to an end, but also due to the actor’s boldness, it took until 2010 until I really saw anything of note from Robert Pattinson. That film was 2010’s Remember Me, a maudlin drama with a much criticised ending that unsurprisingly split audiences. In terms of the film as a whole, I found myself siding with those critics that saw merit in the taut, high-strung drama. I agreed with Roger Ebert when he said: “I cared about the characters. I felt for them. Liberate them from the plot’s destiny, which is an anvil around their necks, and you might have something.”

But most importantly for Pattinson, it was a film without the “anvil” of Twilight around his neck, a moment to shine outside the murky, gothic waters of vampire lore. He takes the opportunity with due confidence. Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter stated that the “scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm,” while Peter Rainer of the Christian Science Monitor noted the “explosive sequences between Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan.”

Despite the film’s lacklustre appeal amongst audiences and critics, it identified Pattinson as an actor of real promise; someone who could apply himself to different types of characters without his much documented private life taking the gloss off the performance.

His work with auteur David Cronenberg has cemented his claim to be one of Hollywood’s most valuable assets – both in terms of the commercial product, and his skill in front of the camera.

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly said Pattinson was “pale and predatory even without his pasty-white vampire makeup”, delivering his performance with “rhythmic confidence.” The Telegraph newspaper’s Robbie Collin was equally impressed, saying that at the film’s heart is a “sensational central performance from Robert Pattinson”, who plays his character “like a human caldera; stony on the surface, with volcanic chambers of nervous energy and self-loathing churning deep below.” Similarly, Justin Chang spoke of Pattinson’s excellent performance being an indispensable asset of the movie.

Even in his supporting role in Cronenberg’s following film Maps to the Stars, the critics singled him out for praise with Mark Kermode particularly noting his “nicely underplayed” performance.
Pattinson is a man whose intelligence perhaps belies his formative years played out in the limelight of celebrity. Cronenberg talks of Pattinson’s intelligence as an actor, his ability to recognise the nuances of character, and understand why the director wants to do things a certain way. “He’s very well-read, and very well-versed in cinema – which I’m not sure his fans know,” he said.

Most importantly, Cronenberg says it best when he highlights how he feels Pattinson is unfairly underrated “because of the stiffness and silliness of Twilight and those characters in it.” The writer-director has witnessed first-hand not only the actor’s determination to spread his wings but someone who isn’t getting caught up in the excesses of celebrity.

“Seeing other work that he had done and seeing that he was a serious actor and looking for challenges, and wasn’t trying to ‘manage his image’ as a star, was attractive to me,” said Cronenberg in his interview with The Daily Beast. “Of course, being such a big celebrity is helpful because it will help your film get financed, but the charisma that made him work so well as Edward Cullen is something you want in a movie like Cosmopolis where he’s in every scene in the movie. You need someone who’s infinitely watchable.”

Rebecca Murray, Hollywood movies expert for addressed the question of Twilight’s baggage and Pattinson’s consequent career head on when she interviewed Cronenberg about Cosmopolis.

“You have to have a leading character who is very charismatic and who can carry the weight and has the star quality and so on, because you’re going to be looking at him. He’s literally in every scene in the movie, and that’s pretty unusual,” remarked Cronenberg. “Even in Tom Cruise movies, Tom is not in absolutely every scene of the movie – but Rob is. So he has to have that. But at the same time, you want to forget his movies and my movies because we’re creating this completely new thing and you don’t know what audience you’re going to get. You can anticipate it, you can think about it, but really you don’t know.

“So ultimately when you’re making the movie you’re saying, ‘Okay, I’m here with these actors. They’re wonderful actors, I cast them because they’re terrific and they will bring great stuff to the script,’ and then at that point you’re just making a movie and you’re not thinking about any other movie.”

It might be surprising that Robert Pattinson hasn’t gone “off the rails” having achieved fame at a young age and had to endure the invasive eye of the tabloid press for most of his young adult life. But here is a man whose intelligence perhaps belies his formative years played out in the limelight of celebrity. Cronenberg talks of Pattinson’s intelligence as an actor, his ability to recognise the nuances of character, and understand why the director wants to do things a certain way. “He’s very well-read, and very well-versed in cinema – which I’m not sure his fans know,” he said.

He’s also far more selfless than many of his peers. His work for various charities dates back to the late 2000s when he supported the ECPAT UK’s campaign Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People to stop human trafficking. The following year he donated his own artwork to PACT which auctioned on eBay, to help the organisation working for missing children. He also donated a sketch, drawn by himself, called Unfinished City which raised $6,400 for an Arizona based homeless centre.

In subsequent years he has participated in a number of initiatives to raise cancer awareness including auctioning items of his own to raise money for various charities.

If that wasn’t enough, the multi-talented Brit has also composed music which has gone on to appear in his movies. Skilled at both piano and guitar, he co-wrote and sang Never Think for the Twilight soundtrack and also played guitar on the Death Grips song “Birds”. The actor has quipped: “Music is my back-up plan if acting fails.

It’s the teen fandom, beguiling boyish good looks, English charm, and multi-million dollar fantasy franchise versus a cinematic intelligence and diverse acting range, selfless attitude and philanthropic endeavour, that makes Robert Pattinson a “talent for the unexpected”. Here is a man who’s the polar opposite of someone like Justin Bieber – all packaged, manufactured and commodified. Pattinson’s a genuine talent – a Hollywood good-guy whose success so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Love this! :)

'The Rover': New-Old Portraits of Robert Pattinson by Jana Cruder for the L.A. Promo (06/2014)

'The Rover': Nouveaux-Anciens Portraits de Robert Pattinson par Jana Cruder lors de la Promo à L.A (06/2014)

La plus grande partie est nouvelle, certaines sont maintenant sans tags
Most are new, and a few are now untagged

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Thanks to the source

Toutes les photos de ce shooting ici
All the pictures from this photoshoot here

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'Maps to the Stars' by David Cronenberg with Robert Pattinson Tonight on French Tv

'Maps To The Stars' de David Cronenberg avec Robert Pattinson ce Soir sur Canal +

Vous avez rendez vous avec Jerome Fontana ce soir à 20h55 sur Canal +

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'Brimstone': Director Martin Koolhoven Clarified Things Regarding the Release of his Film in May 2016

'Brimstone': Le Réalisateur Martin Koolhoven a Clarifié les Choses Concernant la Sortie de son Film en Mai 2016

Apparemment certains médias auraient commencé à un peu trop spéculer sur une sortie du film 'Brimstone' pour mai 2016, et Martin Koolhoven ‏a souhaité remettre les choses au clair.

It seems some media have begun to speculate too much on a 'Brimstone' release  for May 2016, and Martin Koolhoven wanted to set things straight.

@MartinKoolhoven: Je lis qu'il est prévu que #BrimstoneMovie sorte en Mai 2016 dans les médias, mais ça me semble trop juste. #enaucuncas

With Google Translation: @MartinKoolhoven: I read that it is intended that #BrimstoneMovie will be ready for May 2016, on some sites, but that seems very stiff. #nowayhose
@RKMovieNews: Le réalisateur Martin Koolhoven précise que BRIMSTONE ne sera PAS prêt pour Mai 2016. Il semblerait que certains ait été mal informés.
Réponse: @MartinKoolhoven: Il pourrait peut être être prêt, mais cela ne signifie pas qu'il sortira à cette date. Pour le moment rien n'est défini.
Rappelons que le tournage n'a même pas encore débuté.
Recall that the shooting has not even begun.

@ChristinaOdia: MartinKoolhoven, j'attends Brimstone avec impatience. Est ce un secret ou bien puis je demander combien de temps le tournage durera t-il?
Réponse: @MartinKoolhoven: Il se tournera en deux parties. Un premier tournage cet été et un autre cet hiver.

Merci pour ces quelques précisions Mr Koolhoven.
Thanks for the clarification Mr Koolhoven.

Traduction Pattinson Art Work

Here's the Video of Rob's Sketch for the 'Red Nose Day'

Voici la Vidéo du Sketch de Rob pour le 'Red Nose Day' (le 'Jour du Nez Rouge')

L'émission a été diffusée cette nuit (heure française), le 21 Mai, sur la chaine NBC. Le sketch de Rob débute à 2mn10 et c'est un (assez dangereux) voiturier !! Mais il est quand même très mignon !
Il y avait vraiment beaucoup d'anglais mobilisés pour cette cause ! :)

 The show was aired this night (May 21th) on NBC. Rob's Sketch at  2:10, and he's a (pretty dangerous) valet !! But he's really cute!
There were also a lot of Britishs involved in the project ! :)


Pour en apprendre plus sur le 'Red nose Day' cliquez ICI.
Et Cliquez ICI si vous souhaitez aider et faire un don pour une autre belle cause soutenue par Rob.

If you want to learn more about the 'Red Nose Day', click HERE.
And Click HERE if you want to help and donate for another great cause supported by Rob. 

Video Via

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New Pictures of Rob at FKA Twigs Concert in Brooklyn (May 19th)

Nouvelles Photos de Rob au Concert de FKA Twigs à Brooklyn (19 Mai)

Update: Ajout de 2 Photos HQ / Added 2 HQ Pictures
Update 2 : Ajout de 2 photos de fans à la fin du post / Added 2 fan pictures at the bottom of the post

image host image host

Légende : J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer #RobertPattinson!#Twilight #fortesecurity #topflight
Caption : Had the pleasure of meeting #RobertPattinson!#Twilight #fortesecurity #topflight

Légende : Avec le frérot c'est fou que nous soyons jumeaux d'anniversaire !
Caption With the Brodi so mad that we have the same birthday twinning and ishhh!

Légende : La nuit dernière au concert de @fkatwigs #fkatwigs avec #robertpattinson. J'ai l'air bizarre je sais lol
Caption : Last night at @fkatwigs #fkatwigs concert with#robertpattinson. I look weird i know lol

Sources Fan pics: 1|2|3|4|5|6
Source HQ / Via 

mardi 19 mai 2015

Surprise! New Picture and Video of Rob For Charity Event 'Red Nose Day'

Surprise! Nouvelle Photo et Vidéo de Rob pour l’Événement Caritatif 'Red Nose Day' (Le Jour du Nez Rouge)

Update : Ajout d'une courte vidéo trop mignonne à la fin du post ! / Added a short cute video at the bottom of the post!

Caption: Filming for @rednosedayUS - I know who i would.

Red Nose Day est un événement caritatif télévisé qui est programmée pour ce Jeudi 21 Mai à 3h du matin pour la France sur NBC. Nous pouvons espérer y voir Rob!

Qu'est ce que le Red Nose Day (La journée du Nez Rouge)?
Le Red Nose Day est une campagne dont l'objectif est de collecter de l'argent pour les enfants et les jeunes qui vivent dans la pauvreté, en utilisant le rire pour faisant sourire les gens. L'inauguration du Red Nose Day aux US se fera le 21 Mai 2015. Des personnes à travers le pays vont se réunir pour s'amuser, récolter des fonds et sensibiliser l'audimat. Les événements du jour s'achèveront avec une soirée spéciale de 3 heures  sur NBC avec les comédiens, musiciens et star hollywoodienne préférés du pays — c'est un show à ne pas rater! Rejoingnez la fête et commencer à réflechir à la façon dont vous pouvez soutenir le Red Nose Day dans votre communauté! C'est vraiment facile et il y a plein de façons d'aider. Jetez un oeil à notre page de collecte de dons !

Cliquez ICI si vous souhaitez aider et faire un don pour une autre belle cause soutenue par Rob.

Rob est généreux :) Toujours


Red Nose Day is a televised charity event that will air this Thursday, May 21st at 8pm on NBC. So we can expect to see Rob!

What is Red Nose Day?
Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. The inaugural Red Nose Day will be held in the US on May 21st, 2015. People across the country will come together to have fun and raise funds and awareness. The day's events will culminate in a three-hour entertainment TV special on NBC featuring the country's favorite comedians, musicians and Hollywood stars—it's a show not to be missed! Join in the fun and start planning how you can help support Red Nose Day in your community! It's so easy and the opportunities are endless. Check out our Fundraising page for ideas!

Click HERE if you want to help and donate for another great cause supported by Rob. 

Generous Rob :) Always

Update >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

La vidéo la plus mignonne qui soit :) / The cutest video ever :)

Légende : Robert Pattinson se rallie à la cause du #RedNose Day ! Rejoignez le le 21 Mai sur NBC.
Caption : Robert Pattinson jumps on board for #RedNose Day! Join him May 21 at 8/7c on NBC.

Traduction: Rob : Le "Red Nose Day" arrive le 21 mai sur NBC.


Video :  Source Via 

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