mardi 17 octobre 2017

'Good Time': A24 Shares New Still with Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas

'Good Time': A24 a Partagé une Nouvelle Still avec Robert Pattinson aka Connie Nikas

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Source / Thanks Sally!

'High Life': Director Claire Denis Talks about Rob with The Daily Beast "I'm very happy with him"

'High Life': La Réalisatrice Claire Denis a Parlé de Rob avec The Daily Beast "Je suis vraiment heureuse avec lui"

From The Daily Beast:
(...) Denis will follow up Let the Sun Shine In with her first English-language film, High Life, a sci-fi effort about convicts who strike a deal to have their sentences reduced in return for venturing to a black hole. It’s yet another unconventional undertaking for the director, and one that will reunite her with Binoche as well as feature André Benjamin (aka André 3000) and, as headliner, Robert Pattinson. Given that production is just underway, she’s loath to discuss specifics about it, admitting, “I will wait until the film is finished. I cannot talk about a film when I’m in the process of shooting; it’s not possible.”
Still, she’s not coy about the obvious reason she chose to collaborate with the Twilight and Good Time star, proclaiming that Pattinson’s allure is undeniable. “What’s appealing to me [about him] is appealing to everyone, I guess. Is appealing altogether. I’m very happy with him!”


lundi 16 octobre 2017

'High Life': Juliette Binoche Shares New Picture of Robert Pattinson with the Cast on the Set in Cologne

'High Life': Juliette Binoche a Partagé une Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson avec le Cast sur le Tournage à Cologne

C'est l'heure du déjeuner pour tout le cast mais on voit clairement que Rob porte le costume de son personnage sous son peignoir. Merci Juliette!
It's lunch time for all the cast but it's clear that Rob is wearing his character's outfit under his robe. Thanks Juliette!

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Légende: Le plus beau groupe d'acteurs pour High Life (Claire Denis) en Allemagne : Lars, Claire, Rob, Agata, Gloria, Ewan et Mia... (il manque tout de même André!) #highlife #clairedenis #larseidinger #clairetran #robertpattinson #agatabuzek #ewanmitchell #miagoth #andrebenjamin
Caption: The most beautiful group of actors for High Life (Claire Denis) in Germany : Lars, Claire, Rob, Agata, Gloria, Ewan and Mia... (missing André though!) #highlife #clairedenis #larseidinger #clairetran #robertpattinson #agatabuzek #ewanmitchell #miagoth #andrebenjamin

dimanche 15 octobre 2017

Video - Robert Pattinson Discusses Next Year's 10 Year Anniversary of 'Twilight' with Metro UK

Vidéo - Robert Pattinson Discute de l'Anniversaire des 10 Ans de 'Twilight' l'Année Porchaine avec Metro UK

Ce n'est que la première partie de l'interview. L'intégralité sortira mi-Novembre juste avant la sortie Anglaise de 'Good Time'.
This is only the first part of the interview. The full interview will be released mid-November prior to the UK release of 'Good Time' 

From Metro UK:
In 2018 Twilight fans around the world will most definitely be celebrating the film’s ten-year anniversary. One person who won’t be? The film’s star Robert Pattinson.

In 2008 Pattinson joined the cast of what was then a little indie film called Twilight that would go on to become a major movie juggernaut spawning four more movies, a passionate fan base and more fan fiction than one could ever read.

And it turned Pattinson’s life into a free for all.

It’s no wonder then that the actor, who in the five years since the last film was released has stepped away from the world of franchises and chosen to work with a carefully selected group of auteurs, has chosen to lock that part of his early career away.

When asked by if he had any plans to celebrate the anniversary, he was shocked to realise that ten years had indeed passed and that his only plan was to ‘work’ and keep himself busy.

‘I’m trying to avoid… I’ll probably just get some work done,’ he said.


Robert Pattinson Talks about 'Brimstone' in Dutch Interview + Translation

Robert Pattinson Parle du Film 'Brimstone' dans une Interview Néerlandaise

Cette interview a été faite lors du dernier Festival de Cannes
This interview was made during Cannes Film Festival

Source / Via Purely Pattinson

lundi 9 octobre 2017

New Behind the Scene Photo of Robert Pattinson from Esquire UK Photoshoot

Nouvelle Photo de Robert Pattinson dans les Coulisses du Photoshoot pour Esquire UK

On espère qu'il y a encore plus de photos outtakes comme celle ci!
We hope there are more outtakes like this one!

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Légende: Les coulisses avec Robert Pattinson. Habillé par moi! Numéro d'Octobre d'ESQUIRE UK. Il porte du @diorhomme #diorhomme @ukesquire #UKESQUIRE @ck.lau @kris_van_assche #menswear #editorial #covershoot #robertpattinson #rpatz #newyork #ilovemagazines #fashion #theflowershopnyc #carinbackoff #catherinehayward #catherinehaywardstyle
Caption: Behind the scenes with Robert Pattinson. Styling by me! October issue of ESQUIRE UK. Wearing @diorhomme #diorhomme @ukesquire #UKESQUIRE @ck.lau @kris_van_assche #menswear #editorial #covershoot #robertpattinson #rpatz #newyork #ilovemagazines #fashion #theflowershopnyc #carinbackoff #catherinehayward #catherinehaywardstyle


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